Our aim is to simplify a complicated industry into a decision your business can make and understand. We are home to one of the brightest and most talented energy consultancy teams in the country. We offer all the services of an energy brokerage but our primary focus is on the management and administration of our customers' energy bills.

What We Do

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Impartial Advice

We are fully independent of any supplier and we will search our comprehensive panel of suppliers to find the right solution for your business. We are strong believers in full transparency. We therefore provide you with a full chart presenting each supplier's offer, and not simply what we consider to be the cheapest price.

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Comprehensive Advice

We manage the renewal process from start to finish. We provide understandable reports so that you can make an informed decision for the next contract. We aim to start our search for a new contract 120 days before the end date of the current contract. Prices are often only relevant for 24 hours, and so it is critical that you get the correct information promptly.

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We are paid a commission from the new supplier and do not charge you for our service. Our quoting service is without any obligation.

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Informed Choice

It is exceptionally difficult for the non-professional to compare prices. Different companies ‘package’ their prices in various ways. This makes it difficult to isolate specific price factors. What may look ostensibly cheaper, may in reality, be the much more costly option.

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After Sales Service

After the tendering process is complete, we check that all sites and meters are registered correctly and manage any queries with your supplier. We also offer an invoice validation service to ensure that the correct energy rates have been applied and, if applicable, will assist you in completing the necessary Climate Change Agreement forms.

Our Services

One simple route to cost saving is to spend less with your traditional gas and electricity supplier/s. Clever Energy will handle this as a project on its own or as part of a wider remit to reduce and manage your energy costs. Our accredited, independent brokers will handle all aspects of the work, providing expert knowledge to your business ensuring savings on your utility costs.

Our service is totally free of charge as we claim our fees directly from the supplier you choose. We can manage your utilities through your entire contract life cycle, advising you along the way of any changes or potential savings. We have trading agreements with all the UK utility suppliers. We offer a range of business services from helping to select the best supplier to analysing and validating your utility bill statements.

These services can be broken down under the following headings:

Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

We have extensive experience in utility contract negotiation ensuring the best possible savings for your business. We not only have exclusive relationships with UK suppliers enabling access to the best possible pricing but also draw upon wholesale market analysis to identify the most beneficial time to sign.

Tariff Checking

Tariff Checking

Our operational experience allows tariff analysis of your current contractual arrangements against the needs of your business. We can negotiate tariff changes mid-contract with certain suppliers on your behalf and recommend tariff structure changes for your business.

Bill Validation

Bill Validation

Our billing experts have knowledge of all supplier billing regulations and layouts; we are able to manage your billing cycle and negotiate with the supplier on your behalf should billing disputes occur.

New Connections

New Connections

New business premises being built? Expansion or new supply requirements? We can help by taking the project management process out of your hands and delivering to your tight timescales.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Every utility business customer has spent time on the phone to suppliers trying to resolve disputes - from billing to contract termination and we take these problems out of your hands. We have dedicated call centre numbers to all suppliers allowing us to solve your issues quickly and efficiently.

Renewal Negotiation

Renewal Negotiation

UK suppliers employ renewal tactics that can leave customers in the dark to when their contracts actually expired. UKEP has extensive experience of individual supplier behaviours and can advise you of how to handle your renewal or negotiate this on your behalf. Once the best renewal price has been established we may be able to find you a more attractive rate with a different supplier.

Change of Measurement Class or Profile Class

Change of Measurement Class or Profile Class

Once a utility supply and contract is in place there can be major changes to your business such as expansion or downsizing. We can organise your supply to be down/up graded in line with your business demands:

Supply capacity increase
Single to three phase meter upgrades
Relocation of supply and metering
Change of measurement class
Re-energisation or de-energisation
Testing and connecting additional load
Power factor analysis and corrections
Metering upgrades and downgrades
Load profile analysis

Energy Billing

Developers are increasingly being requested to offer efficient renewable energy solutions in order to reduce the carbon footprint. Conscientious developers are therefore progressively installing communal hot water and cooling systems to meet this need. The billing of the energy consumption to each resident needs to be accurate and dependable. Often there is also a need for interim readings and bills to assist Landlords to recharge to their tenants, especially when there is a highly transient tenant community.

Energy Billing

Our expertise

Clever Energy implements and manages this essential aspect of
management for several large apartment buildings.

Clever Energy will:

  • Produce consumption bills which accurately charge for the energy used by each flat.
  • Use smart technology to acquire consumption readings, without the need to access the flat.
  • Provide a full recovery /debt management service, to make sure bills are paid.
  • Adjust the kW/h rate each period, so as to ensure 100% return of the Landlord's energy (gas and electricity) outlay.
  • Advise developers of the best systems to use.
  • Analyse data to assist the contractors who maintain the systems to make sure the equipment is running efficiently.


Why do business electricity prices go up?

Most of the electricity in the UK is produced using imported gas; increases in the gas price results in similar rises in electricity prices. The Big Six energy suppliers are facing significant pressure due to escalating wholesale costs, resulting in lower profit margins, which leads to increased business electricity prices.

Is changing business electricity suppliers a problem?

No, not when you use Clever Energy Ltd. to aid you in switching suppliers. You could be one of the 50,000 businesses who switch supplier every week to make the most of the savings available. When you switch supplier you will continue to use exactly the same wires and cables that you currently use. We will arrange the transfer of your business electricity and the only change you will notice is the name of the supplier at the top of the bill.

What is my electricity supply reference number, and how do I find it?

Your electricity supply reference number is the unique identifying number for the electricity meter at your business premises. It can be found on your electricity bill.If you cannot find it, contact us in the usual way and we will be able to source it on your behalf. The first number on the top line of the supply number indicates which profile has been allocated to your meter.

Code Profile Class

03. Non-domestic, unrestricted
04. Non-domestic, economy 7 or restricted
05. Non-domestic, maximum demand load factor band 0-20%
06. Non-domestic, maximum demand load factor band 20-30%
07. Non-domestic, maximum demand load factor band 30-40%
08. Non-domestic, maximum demand load factor band over 40%

What is a standing charge?

It is a fixed daily amount you pay every day you are connected to an electricity network. This covers the costs of keeping you connected to the network.

What does 'Unit' mean on my electricity bill?

Electricity usage is measured in units. A unit is a kilowatt-hour (kWh), which is equivalent to 1000 watts of electricity being used for 1 hour.

What are the contract types for business electricity consumers?

Electricity contracts are usually for a fixed amount of time. This can be between 1 and 5 years for businesses like yours. If you wish to leave this type of contract, you must do so within the contract time limit close to the renewal end date of the contract. If you wish to leave before then, a termination fee will nearly always be applied.

What are 'deemed contracts' or 'out of contract'?

An energy supplier supplies a property and not an individual. Therefore, when you move into a property you are, as the new business owner, not under contract with the existing supplier to the property. This situation is known as 'deemed contract' or 'out of contract'. You remain in this situation until you agree a contract with a new supplier. Remember, a deemed contract is more expensive as the supplier will charge a higher tariff rate. Therefore, it is in your interest to agree a new supplier contract as soon as possible.

Climate Change Levy (CCL) - what is it?

Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a government imposed tax, revised annually at the beginning of every tax year, chargeable to every business using 12,000 units or more. The rate from April 2015 to April 2016 is 0.554p per kWh of electricity used. All funds from this tax contribute to the government's energy effciency programme. Consumers that pay VAT at 20% will pay CCL. If you wish to claim relief or exemption, you need to provide a completed exemption certificate.

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